25 Cool And Masculine Bedroom Design For Young Men


In accordance with his style and personality, young men always like a simple, modern, and masculine look. Not only in the way they dress, even their room describes what they want, especially the bedroom which in fact is the most private room. In addition to being able to display what they want, a men’s bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible to facilitate all activities. If you are a busy young man, then decorating the bedroom should be efficient and not boring quickly.

Young men usually like to do strenuous activities in the bedroom, such as work or doing hobbies they like. That’s why a men’s bedroom must be functional to make it easier for you without any distractions. It’s no secret that men tend to be more indifferent so that their bedrooms are often messy. In fact, usually, a man is too busy with their business, especially if you are a single man.

However, decorating the bedroom can be a motivation to work harder. Besides you have a quality sleep, a comfortable bedroom will make anyone feel at home in it. Here we have collected some men’s bedroom inspiration for you to have at home. Scroll down and find other cool tips!


Black bedroom

For some, black is often considered dark and too gloomy. This is different from the assumption that men like to bring this color into their interiors. Black is a neutral color that is cool, mysterious, and goes well with any style of room. Choose black wall paint or furniture in a matching color for an elegant masculine look.


Bedroom with industrial concept

Young men like industrial things. This design is identical to neutral colors such as black, white, gray. To get an industrial bedroom, you can also place vintage items and accessories, abstract wall paintings, exposed brick or concrete walls, and industrial lighting.


Cool lighting

Lighting can be the key to getting a masculine bedroom style. The trick is to choose lighting ideas with a unique look, such as LED, neon, or string lights. The right placement of lights will affect the mood of the entire room, make it look modern, and reflect a real man’s style. Try to choose a lamp that is not too bright so that the room feels cool and cozy.


Popular urban rustic style

Not only dark shades, you can also add a warm impression to a men’s bedroom. Like an urban rustic style with a modern look that tends to be minimalist. For interiors, use wood materials such as furniture, walls or ceilings. Decorate with rugs or wall galleries that make the room more stylish.

Find more of your favorite cool men’s bedroom inspiration below!





















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