20 Cool Boys Bedroom With Music Room Combos


Not everyone is lucky to have a big house, but when it comes to the bedroom, this is where your creativity will determine everything. For boys, the bedroom is the most cozy place where they can do many things, from resting, studying, to hobbies they like. If you happen to be a music fan, combining a bedroom with a music room is the most popular idea that will make your rest time more enjoyable. Apart from that, anything related to music such as guitar, piano, drums, violin will make life feel more colorful.

There are two ways you can create a musical bedroom combos, the first is a smooth transition without dividing the space and visually separating the two zones with different designs, furniture and color schemes. Furthermore, you can also choose a sleeping zone with a comfortable bed or if your space is tight, choose a convertible sofa that will become a bed whenever you need it. Here are some easy tips and ideas for musical bedroom combinations that you will love.


Combo with bed

If you have enough space in the bedroom, treat yourself to a real bed and visually divide the music and sleep zones. A large sized bed with lots of pillows will make you feel comfortable. Create a music room in a different room, it can be near a window or next to a wall away from the bed. Another cool idea to divide these zones is to create an upper tier for the bed and place a music room underneath. If you don’t play music that much, just hang a musical instrument such as a guitar on the wall, a piano in the corner of the room, or another musical instrument in an area that doesn’t interfere with your mobility in the bedroom.


Combo with sofa

For small guest bedrooms, the best solution is to replace the bed with a convertible sofa, which doesn’t take up much space but still gives you enough sleeping space. Another solution is a built-in storage unit with a musical instrument rack, you can hang it or display it using a frame. As for the music room, it can be a corner of a small room or even a sofa with a stand. If the room is small, there is no need to separate the space, and there are many combinations that allow placing the bed and music room close to each other, musical instruments can become part of the bedroom décor.

Get more ideas for your favorite musical bedroom combos below!



















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