20 Inspiring Skylight Ideas That Make Bright And Spacious Room


Want to transform your home to make it look bright and airy? Skylights are the best solution that can be applied to any room in the house. This is a window alternative that is widely used in areas where it is difficult to get sunlight from regular windows. In addition, many people place skylights as an extra source of lighting so that without the help of lamps you can enjoy warm natural light from outside.

The concept of energy-efficient housing is very popular today, and the presence of skylights can certainly save on the use of lights and make the room look aesthetic. That’s why skylights are now widely used in modern architectural styles or minimalist designs because they are practical, energy efficient, and make the room feel wider than its actual size.

Skylight definition and function

For those of you who don’t know what skylights are? Certainly confused the function of this part of the architecture. So, skylights can be interpreted as glass panels mounted on the ceiling or roof of the house. Usually these glass panels cannot be opened like windows, although there are some skylight designs that can be opened. While the function of the skylight itself is to help natural sunlight to enter the house, so that it can help illuminate the interior during the day. According to many experts, roof skylights make a room up to five times brighter than ordinary window panes.


Advantages of skylights

Like the skylight function above, skylights have the advantage of helping illuminate a dark or narrow room. However, the lighting skylights that come from the skylights can also make the atmosphere feel comfortable and aesthetic. In addition, skylights also have a big impact on energy savings because there is no need to turn on the lights during the day. In fact, some people think skylights can help maintain your mood because a room with good lighting will brighten the mood of every occupant.


Disadvantages of skylights

Every design has its drawbacks, and the skylight roof is no exception. So, some of these shortcomings can be taken into consideration. The existence of skylights that rely on sunlight can potentially enter more heat into the room. So, there are times when you will feel hot if it is not balanced with air conditioning. In addition, the transparent skylight glass will slightly disturb your privacy because of the view from the outside. The safety factor also needs to be considered if you want to build a skylight, make sure the glass material is thick and strong so that it can withstand external impacts such as tree branches or rain.


Skylight decoration

Placing skylights in any room in the house will make your room feel more spacious. Skylights can be a solution for extra space or for those of you who like open concepts. Build skylights in any area you want, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, even bathroom so you feel like you’re outdoors. Skylights are very good combined with natural furniture or wood as the main material.

You can also use skylights for an industrial style room. Find more inspiration for your favorite skylight ideas below for a brighter room!

















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