10 Recycled DIY Aquarium Design Made From Old Stuff

Bringing a fresh atmosphere into the room can not only be done with ornamental plants. In addition to wooden furniture and accessories with wood tones, water features are also great for making a room feel fresh. In this case the aquarium is one of the most popular popular ideas, and if you are an aquarium enthusiast who likes to spend hours just watching fish tanks, then try making an aquarium out of old stuff.

Apart from the aquarium designs that we often see, there are actually many creative ways to turn an old item that may have memories into an unusual aquarium idea. Of course, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to be inspired. So, ready for some awesome DIY projects? Here are 10 recycled aquarium designs that are hard to miss!

1. Recycled TV


Turning a TV into an aquarium is a brilliant idea. It has a practical form and is easy to turn into a charming work of art.

2. Coffee table


This aquarium design blends with the coffee table. Everything is made of glass with the bottom of the table used as an aquarium which makes the room more aesthetic.

3. Old Piano


An old piano is ideal for turning into an aquarium. This idea is very practical because you no longer need a table to place the aquarium. The room looks more unique.

4. Old coffee cup


An old coffee cup or teapot can also be turned into an adorable mini aquarium. Place this aquarium on your dining table or kitchen as a stylish decoration.

5. Hanging light bulb


This is one of the easiest DIY projects for a mini aquarium. You just need a light bulb and then hang it where you want it. The best mini aquarium is placed near a window or exposed to reflected sunlight.

6. Aquarium vases


This aquarium idea is very unique because it blends with a plant vase. Very functional as a table decoration as well as a mini aquarium that children will love.

7. Aquarium table lamp


Another clever idea that combines furniture with an aquarium. This time we have a table lamp that functions as an aquarium.

8. Old computer monitor


This computer monitor may be rarely even used anymore. Instead of leaving them in the shed, try turning them into unusual aquarium designs.

9. Blender aquarium


Household appliances are electronic goods that are often damaged. For example, a blender that changes frequently. So instead of letting it spoil why not turn it into an aquarium? This idea will make your kitchen more attractive.

10. Phone box aquarium


On the last list we have an amazing aquarium of quite large and unusual size. Made from a former telephone box that was turned into an aquarium. It is suitable as an outdoor aquarium.

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