22 Beautiful Artwork Ideas To Decorate Your Room


There are many reasons to decorate the walls of an empty room to make it look more beautiful. The wall is indeed the easiest area where you can display anything you like. With wall decorations, the atmosphere in the house not only looks more alive but also provides a visual effect so that the low-roofed room looks taller than its actual size.

One of the things that can be done to decorate is to add artwork on the walls. It can be a wall gallery, painting, or decorative display that makes the room more interesting. Maybe all this time you thought that only photo frames and or paintings could be used as wall decorations. In fact, the wall is like a blank canvas where you can display any artwork that suits your interests and personality.

In this post, we want to invite you to dive deeper into wall art. From classic photo frames to eye-catching abstract paintings, here are some art inspirations that you can apply to any wall style!


Timeless artwork

The longer the age of a work of art, the more valuable it will be. Artworks are not only used as wall decorations, many people even use these works as collectibles. It doesn’t have to be expensive, sometimes some old family photos, travel portraits and hand paintings have many precious moments in one’s life. You can buy art or make your own creatively. That way, any wall decor will feel more valuable than an expensive piece of art.


Create your favorite gallery wall

Gallery wall are among the easiest works of art to make. We don’t think there’s more flair and color to a room than a wall gallery. Show off a collection of frames, paintings, or photos and combine them in an unusual way. Choose simple, cohesive photo frames, or a variety of complex alternatives to make things look appealing. You can even create a wall gallery in the corner of the room, up to the ceiling to give the impression of a large area.


Wall paint to change the mood of the room

Wall paint will complement any piece of art in the home. This is the easiest way to enhance the look of a space either as a backdrop for artwork or as part of a project you’re working on. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be limited to four walls or a whole room with the same paint color. Consider giving the accent wall a bright color or highlighting prints in a contrasting color. This wall paint will make the artwork more interesting. Find more of your favorite ideas below!



















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