20 French Balcony Ideas That Most Romantic Vibe


Romance presents a beautiful view from the balcony in France. In this land of memory, style and elegance. If you’ve been to Paris then it’s easy for you to fall in love with their balcony lines. Showing the meridians of the French aristocracy which are still timeless because of the luxury in every detail and beautiful design. There is something so magical and basically a French balcony is all about the view of tiled roofs and neat rows of chimneys to the distinct sounds of the street below.

If you walk along the streets of Paris, large wooden doors with brass knocking will lead you from the cobbled streets to elegant apartments with soaring ceilings and romantic balconies. It is this atmosphere that we have always longed for from a French balcony that mixes antique and modern design that reflects a historic cosmopolitan city. If you love beautiful French balconies, you can add them to your balcony ideas and here are some inspirations!


French balcone décor

French balcony decorations are usually petite and they may be classic, or rustic. This balcony is the perfect place to present urban beauty with historic old buildings and structures. A simple garden setting is all you need to recreate a French look. Pick up some tiny furniture, it doesn’t have to be big but comfortable as a place for breakfast or a romantic dinner. You can shake up the décor or place more modern pieces to dive into a lovely vintage style. Even if you are using a minimalist or modern balcony design, vintage items would be a great idea.






French balcony color options

The French balcony is a cozy space for relaxing so it emphasizes more neutral and pastel colors. This is the traditional color for this style, but you can also add some elegant touches such as black. Natural-looking wood elements blend seamlessly into a French balcony garden, add a color scheme or stain it dark for a contrasting look. White color is also attractive for a tiny French balcony, brass or metallic coating will add to the appeal of your balcony and make it more aesthetically pleasing.








French balcony furniture

French balconies can welcome beautiful vintage pieces of furniture, even if you go for a rustic or modern style as the combination of generations of these styles is the main attraction. Beautiful French balcony gardens, vintage furniture, rugs, and aesthetically styled balcony railings that can showcase the romantic side of Paris. Mini dining table set with attractive colors, lanterns and other vintage items that will add style to your balcony. This is a warm little balcony for those of you who want to bring Parisian vibes to your next balcony décor.







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