20 Modern Koi Fish Pond Design For Narrow Space


In addition to the garden which is often part of the beauty of the landscape, the presence of a fish pond certainly adds visual appeal. There are various designs of fish ponds currently available, but the koi fish pond is becoming one of the most popular, especially for modern residences. There are several elements and features that are important for functionality and can also add to the aesthetics of your koi pond. A good arrangement in a koi fish pond will bring positive effects for yourself, ranging from providing calm, relieving stress, to beautifying the outdoor area.

Whatever size and design you have, there is always a solution using the existing area to create a modern and minimalist fish pond. It doesn’t have to be a large area, you can even take advantage of the narrowest area with the right koi pond idea. Today we have collected 20 designs of koi fish ponds that you can imitate to get around a limited area of land. From the backyard to the side garden, or create a tiny indoor koi pond. Here’s the inspiration!


It is very important in determining the design of a koi fish pond, especially if you do not have a lot of area at home. A minimalist koi pond design with a modern impression is a practical solution that can make the appearance of the house look different.

Koi fish are one of the most in demand because of their beautiful appearance with bright colors. Moreover, koi fish are also considered as fish that bring good luck. Koi fish are a type of fish that can grow quite large. So, it is highly recommended to keep these fish in a pond rather than having them in an aquarium, so that they have more freedom of movement.

So what if we have limited land? Good news for you lovers of ornamental fish, especially koi because these fish can still be kept even in small ponds. But keep in mind, even though the size of the koi pond is not too big, you can outsmart it by making a deep fish pond. In addition to making the koi fish wider, a deep pond can also reduce the heat when the weather is hot or your koi pond is in an open space.



















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