7 Shady Plant Ideas For Outdoors And Gardens


Having a garden in a beautiful, cool and lush residence is everyone’s dream. However, sometimes outdoor plant care is more difficult than we think. That’s why when you want to design a garden and outdoor you need to choose the type of plants that have aesthetic value, as well as an attractive appearance as part of the landscape.

Several types of outdoor plants are most in demand because they are resistant to hot and rainy weather, and are easy to care for. In this post I have summarized 7 ideas of lush plants that can be used as inspiration to beautify and make your residential garden more beautiful. Let’s see!

1. Lee Kwan Yew

Lee kwan yew is perfect for gardens with limited areas. Because its placement saves space and adds aesthetic value to empty areas where this tree propagates, such as walls or vertical gardens. This plant is usually used on the walls of houses, walls near swimming pools, fences and many more.



2. Brazilian Fern

The Brazilian fern is characterized by a towering tree. This plant can grow up to 10 meters because of its rapid growth. With its unique umbrella-like shape, this tree is in great demand and is often used as a shade garden, because the shape of the leaves resembles an umbrella, providing shade for any garden style.



3. Frangipani

Frangipani has flowers with beautiful and varied colors. Of course, this plant will provide an aesthetic appearance for the garden and outdoors. With the texture of colorful flowers and branching tree trunks, making a garden decorated with trees will be more cheerful.



4. Terminalia Catappa

At first glance Terminalia catappa has a shape resembling a Brazilian fern, the difference is that this tree is more shady with a flat and layered crown. This plant is suitable for indoor and outdoor gardens.



5. Bougenville

Outdoor plants that are often seen filled with flowers are also called paper flowers. Even though it emits bright colors, actually the bougenville flower is very small and white in the middle of a brightly colored veil. Bougenville flowers are flower plants that require a lot of sunlight, around 70%. Therefore, this plant is very good to be planted in open areas exposed to direct sunlight.



6. Cactus

Several types of cacti have a tall shape and sometimes branch. Its shape resembles a cactus that usually grows in the desert, causing this cactus to have the nickname cowboy cactus.
For those of you who like desert-themed gardens, cactus plants are perfect to add to your landscaping. Cacti generally need about 4 to 6 hours of sunlight each day. Adequate amount of sunlight will maximize the growth of cactus plants.




7. Tabebuia

This shady and beautiful plant that looks like cherry blossoms is tabebuia or the Latin language is Handroanthus chrysotrichus. Yellow tabebuia or golden trumpet tree is a type of plant originating from Brazil and is a large tree species. Each tabebuia tree species has a different color, currently the most widely known colors are white, pink, yellow, orange yellow, magenta, plum, and some are red.



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