7 Coolest Floor Bed Ideas For Mens

Every busy man sometimes needs a place where they can enjoy some time to themselves. That’s why going home is the most awaited thing after a long day of dealing with work and endless notifications. Living in a cozy home is indeed the best choice, of course, the bedroom is the end of your trip today. In addition to decorating the bedroom, floor bed designs are very popular with many men, both for those who are single or married.

The floor bed design is perfect because it matches the simple and cool look of a man. In addition, this bed is also space-saving and budget-saving because it does not require additional furniture. The furniture is usually replaced by a DIY rug or wooden mat that is both practical and part of the décor. If you’re a man who doesn’t want to be complicated, here are 7 coolest floor bed ideas that you can copy!

1.  Industrial style


Floor beds are perfect for men who are masculine at heart. Easy to place in any area of the bedroom and won’t bother you. To make it seem more masculine, add an industrial touch with wall lamps made of iron pipes, black and white posters, and some cool side tables.

2. Apartment bedroom


For single men, apartments are the best choice for a place to live. If you place the bedroom near the window, use a practical floor bed against a black wall background. This bed will be a comfortable area for breakfast or just doing some work.

3. Floor bed with brick exposed


Bringing a masculine impression to the bedroom is indeed a hallmark of men’s style. Besides floor beds, bedside tables, you can also give a masculine touch with exposed brick walls. Another cheaper solution, use wallpaper instead of the original brick wall.

4. Monochrome bedroom


Men are creatures who don’t want to be complicated and like simplicity. Thus, you can choose a monochrome bedroom that doesn’t play much with color. Starting from floor beds, neon walls, bicycle collections, to some accessories that look cool with one single color.

5. Simple floor bed


Give a little creativity to your floor bed. You can replace the carpet with a wooden base or pallet that gives an aesthetic impression. It is suitable for teenage boys who are growing up and like a minimalist bedroom design.

6. Vintage style


For established men, the choice of a vintage-inspired bedroom is the best choice. They usually create a comfortable atmosphere at any time, so you will feel at home when you are in the bedroom. Starting from wooden floors, magazine racks from ladder, to neutral wall paint options. This bedroom will make you forget for a moment about work.

7. Nature inspired


Bringing a natural feel to the bedroom is a great way to make you feel relaxed. In addition, the presence of indoor plants can also clean the air where you sometimes need a lot of oxygen supply. Hang the plant above the floor bed, or place it next to the bed to give you relaxation all day long.

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