1920s Retro Villa Renovated With Modern Touch


Many people dream of having a big house with complete modern facilities. While a large house with a luxurious appearance looks comfortable to own, there are people who want to have a comfortable residence with a soothing retro feel. Sometimes the atmosphere of the past is more warm than facilitating with luxury which does not necessarily guarantee the happiness of every occupant. Edward White Architects is an architect based in New Zealand, who really understands to build a house while still showing a retro style with a modern touch that has become a necessity today.

This project seeks to transform the 1910 villa while respecting the heritage and environment of the suburban location. Combined with a subtle modern impression, the appearance of the house is surrounded by a white picket fence as a transition from the old to the new house smoothly. Surprisingly, the architect created a lot of open space including a living room integrated into a spacious and modern outdoors. A tiered staircase leads to the lower pool and north-facing backyard, where you can enjoy views that evoke the feeling of a more grandiose social and living home. This is in stark contrast to the ancient character seen from the front of the house.



This villa concept attracts attention by creating interdependent spaces throughout the levels united by a confident functional and aesthetic entertainment area. Keeping each space connected to each other includes an open living room, kitchen and dining area.






Featuring an excellent wine cellar, this area offers a way to create a retreat space that is distinctly different from the light-filled, open-air living area upstairs. This wine cellar is the best place to hide and relax from all the activity.



photographer: Simon Wilson

architect: Edward White Architects

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