February 21, 2024

Three Storey Detached House With Surrounded By Garden

This three-story detached house tries to incorporate natural elements into it as much as possible. Green revelation designed by Hyla architects located in Mariam Close, Singapore, this house has a site area of 568 m2 which allows it to have 6 separate gardens and courtyards on various levels. However, this house is still lower than the other houses that surround it, this makes the architect want to add more privacy for the residents of the house.

The use of the garden is a major concern with the attic and the rooftop pool. Almost the entire house is surrounded by gardens, there is even a yard at the rear of the house to filter the house and at the same time allowing the light and go naturally.

This house faces west, it means that direct sunlight will enter the room easily. That’s why the front fa├žade has a unique aluminum sliding screen that protects the house from the heat without disturbing the view.

On the ground floor, there is a wooden-covered inner terrace that aims to add shade to the house as well as a great place to enjoy the beautiful garden, while the koi pond provides perfect relaxation outdoors.

Located indoors, the living room has double volume space and so is the family room on the second floor. This room overlooks a courtyard with a cave and is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

The landscapes were chosen with care, making use of the shape of the building to create an upward flowing landscape culminating in a pool on the roof. From here, the whole house view lies beautifully, enjoying your swimming time while relaxing with visuals that will spoil your eyes

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