Coqui Coqui Boutiques in Southeast Mexico

coqui coqui boutiques in mexico

Inspired by artists and local weavers who were born out of need, Francesco Bonato and business partner Jacopo Janniello Ravagnan successfully created a line of accessories. When Francesca and her husband, Nicolas Malleville and also a contemporary landscape architects and perfume. Coqui Coqui They opened their first boutique in Yucatan Peninsula in Southeast Mexico. The concept is to unite the home, hotels, and boutiques in Mexico began with the gathering shawl called traditional Rebozo.

coqui coqui boutiques and hotels

Bohemian boutique first opened in 2003, and has become one of the most stylish and beach resort in Mexico. Surrounded by palm trees and white sandy beaches like never ending to welcome you. Pure natural resource is the inspiration behind the experience Coqui Coqui. Forest elements, caribbean sea, ruins and local architecture are the backdrop and canvas for outstanding shopping experience and stay. Building pure, elegant, stylish, and the countryside became a visitor attraction. Fused with a peaceful beach arch, they provide hospitality truly remarkable. Boutique and hotel has been established for a decade, no change is peaceful and relaxing feeling that has become part of Yucatan peninsula, both in charm and culture. If you visit Mexico, do not forget to stop at Coqui Coqui. Here is what they have to offer!

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coqui coqui hotels in mexico

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