Interior Design Chiswick By Gregory Phillips Architects


This six-bedroom Victorian home in West London has been updated in a contemporary way while retaining the grandeur of its time. Gregory Phillips Architects, a London-based architectural practice is trusted to create luxurious, comfortable, practical and beautiful modern homes in Chiswick. The concept is to create a fluid connection between the interior and exterior spaces formed through large sliding doors that open out onto the garden, consisting of an array of luxurious fabrics, natural stone, and marble that create layers of texture.

Located at the back of the house, a sculptural extension clad in patented brass panels offers more sunlight and space to the ground floor area while creating a stunning openness to the new landscaped garden. Excavations of the basement were carried out at the same time, giving the client 240 square meter of new living space, including a large hangout area for the kids, cinema, office, utility room and a spectacular wine shop for the whole family.


Even though this house already has a fairly large size, the layout of the house is still being improved to maximize space drama. Clean modern details complemented by natural materials create a contemporary aesthetic that is sophisticated and serene, this part of the house fully functions as a contemporary family home. Enjoy!






architect: Gregory Phillips Architects

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