November 30, 2022

10 Cool Home Office Design With Guitar Display

Any heavy work will feel fun if we do it with all our heart. Besides you have to love your job, the environment around you also supports your daily effectiveness and productivity. It doesn’t matter whether you are an office worker or a freelancer who really works from home, a home office design that fits your personality will make you feel comfortable and help improve your mood.

The right home office design can represent your hobbies and interests, such as displaying artwork or musical instruments such as guitars that will be entertainment on the sidelines of work. This home office is perfect for those of you who love music and are young at heart. A home office doesn’t always have to be filled with piles of work, notes, files, and many other boring things.

By displaying your guitar in your workspace, you’ll have time to de-stress a little or take a break in the midst of a hectic notification. In addition, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis guitar display also makes your home office look cool and aesthetic. If you’re interested in trying, here are 10 home office inspirations with our favorite guitar display!

1. Industrial style is indeed suitable for men. From chandeliers to suitable workspace furniture, you can hang several guitar collections on the wall to liven up the atmosphere.


2. If you want a workspace with a neat and minimalist look, place the guitar in a different area of the wall. The best areas are in front of the entrance or on the wall behind the desk.


3. A home office must be made as comfortable and relaxed as possible, including bringing a holiday feel into its decoration. In addition to a gallery wall with a holiday touch, you can place a guitar rack on the wall.


4. Bring mid-century style to your workspace with a minimalist, nature-inspired look. Besides placing houseplants, you can also display your guitar collection in this workspace.


5. Modern work desks are very practical, especially for small rooms. In addition to being multifunctional, this work desk also doesn’t look overwhelming thanks to the guitar display on the wall.


6. The masculine-style workspace design is indeed suitable for real men. From a bold blue wall paint, a single leather sofa, to a guitar wall shelf that emphasizes the masculine impression.


7. If your work is related to the world of music. Try imitating this home office design for a more practical and efficient work.


8. Create a vintage vibe for a relaxing and relaxing workspace. Starting from furniture to wall decorations in the form of a world map. You can still give a modern accent with an entertaining guitar set.


9. This home office design will be liked by teenagers or those of you who are young at heart. Not only as a workspace, this is a space where you are free to express yourself.


10. Need a functional workspace? If the space in the house is limited, you can build a home office that blends with the living room. To distinguish the function of the room, you can place a different wall display, such as a wall gallery in the living room and a guitar display in the workspace.


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