December 8, 2021

Nordeste Curuguaty Offices With Roof Like A Smile


Nordeste Curuguaty Offices is a project that is a form of love for the world, written in stone or brick, or rather, written on earth. This project will pamper every employee to always be close to nature, enjoy the cool breeze, and beautiful scenery that may not often be found in the general office. The dilemma is how to build in the middle of nowhere? Minimo Común Arquitectura, founded this project located in Curuguaty, 350 km from the capital, Asunción, in an agricultural and livestock area.

Architects create an open office that is completely in touch with nature. Almost the entire structure of the building in this office is made of natural materials, the walls are semi-transparent, and the roof seems to float above the building. It can be concluded, the work processes are sequenced in five ideas, which reflect the intent and purpose of the project.


The first thing the territory must be controlled in a subtle way. Imaginary lines in the landscape make it possible to observe what is happening around them. To create protection from other animals and insects that are around the environment, the office building is intentionally made higher than 1.5 meters from the ground level.




Once control over the area is achieved, the shadow needs to be projected. At the top of the building there is a roof made with a curved concept that looks like it floats above the building. The goal is to fend off the hot sun, strong winds, and heavy rain.


From the arch that is created, the roof structure of the building looks like it is smiling and welcoming everyone to enter it.




There are not many choices of materials when it comes to building an office. Almost entirely made of earth, such as stone and brick. And only materials that are not damaged in transit are transported to the site such as iron, rope and cement. The rest is provided by land.



Protection from the sun and providing the office with privacy are essential needs. Landscapes are understood in a different way from the inside near the walls. The activities in it will be lost in the shadows of the transparent walls.





The curved roof also plays a role in collecting rainwater which will be accommodated in a puddle for reuse. Rainwater that is already full will be pumped to the highest part to be re-flowed so that the roof still has a cool temperature even on sunny days. This is necessary because the climate in this area can reach 45 degrees Celsius.



source: archdaily

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