Clarksville: Modern And Historical Home In Austin


Clarksville is a home with the perfect combination of historic on the front and modern on the back. Designed by LaRue Architects, the project is a thoughtful symbiosis of the different genres of form. Viewed from the street, Dan and Sylvia Sharplin’s home looks like a 1915 cottage that was recently renovated and set up overlooking the thriving modern city center in the neighborhood.

Situated in the Castle Hill Local Historic District west of Lamar Boulevard and part of the West Line National Historic Register District in Old West Austin, this home retains its distinctiveness in its off-center front door, and charm in its detailed geometric windows.


Beautiful views of the city center form the basis for the placement of the house, with all rooms accessible to the art of the ever-changing skyline with weather conditions. These extensive openings, additions, and renovations are experienced through the home’s foyer, as the building opens up to the expansive ceilings and full-height glass of the grand hall. However, beneath the carefully preserved front exterior lies the impressive surprise of a spacious modern home with all the comforts of the 21st century. From the front of the house there is only a hint of what will happen around the corner.





designer: LaRue Architects

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