Orchid Tiny House For Luxury Adventure


As the flower’s name suggests, Orchid is a tiny house that expresses the power of subtle luxury. Designed by new frontier introduces a tiny house or can be called the newest adventure cabin for vacation. Whether your trip is inspired by a break or an adventure, end your day in the comfort of furniture fitting for the most discerning design palette.

The resulting structure presents itself as a home to comfortably accommodate the whole family on a weekend. The overall design features natural elements that allow residents to get closer to the environment. Despite its small size, this house is equipped with many facilities and multifunctional furniture for your convenience. As a resting place for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, this tiny house invites everyone to relax for a while.


LED Lighting

The Orchid has received global acclaim for its independently dimmable and switchable lighting. In addition to using LED light, there are skylights, clerestory windows, and a large glass wall in front that also provides a beautiful aesthetic during the day or night.


A bed for everyone

There are four beds that can comfortably accommodate up to four people. Each bed consists of Orchid’s private king bed loft and sofa bed.


Large and cozy bathroom

Even though it’s in a tiny house, the bathroom is still designed to be very comfortable with a large size. Spacious, neat and comfortable. That’s what describes the design of the bathroom in this house. A floating mirror with LED valance lighting gives this modern bathroom an extra dimension. Enjoy!












designer: newfrontierdesign

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