September 27, 2023

7 Amazing Christmas Decor Ideas On Balcony

It doesn’t feel like we’ll be celebrating the New Year soon, which means we’re closer to Christmas and my favorite holiday of the year. Besides celebrating it with your family, decorating your home is the most fun way to welcome Christmas. Starting from the garden to the interior, even the smallest part of the room such as the balcony also does not escape the touch of decoration.

Christmas balcony decoration is very possible especially for those of us who have small spaces. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment or a condo, there are millions of inspirations you can find from the internet to inspire you to get the most amazing balcony designs during Christmas. Since balconies are usually small, you don’t have to worry about the budget! They’re really easy and inexpensive to decorate, from adding traditional Christmas touches, string lights, wreaths, to Christmas ornaments to beautify your balcony. Here are 7 Christmas balcony inspirations that you should know!

1. Balcony with a warm and cozy Christmas feel


In some areas it may have snowed, and the weather is starting to get cold. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be at home all the time. Enjoy the outdoors on your balcony with cozy decorations. Present a warm atmosphere in textiles, chair cushions, and your favorite blanket to accompany you throughout the year-end. Don’t forget the Christmas lights and bulbs to liven up the atmosphere.

2. Boho chic Christmas balcony


Bringing a bohemian feel to the balcony is a great choice at Christmas. Natural elements such as wooden furniture, blankets, fleece rugs, and wicker decorations make your Christmas Eve memorable. Especially if you add a lantern as lighting.

3. Santa Claus climbs up the balcony


In addition to the Christmas tree, the popular Santa Claus is also an option to enliven Christmas. Create a unique Christmas balcony decoration by carrying these characters around the balcony. Like the idea of Santa Claus climbing a wall to send gifts to children.

4. A Scandinavian Christmas balcony


If you are one of those people who like simple and minimalist Christmas decorations, then this Scandinavian Christmas balcony is worth considering. As much as possible minimize the decor and only use neutral colors like white and gray. However, it still feels warm thanks to the alluring lighting.

5. Shabby chic Christmas balcony


Shabby chic is one Christmas that is no less popular. Bringing this decoration to your balcony will give it a beautiful vintage, old-fashioned and antique feel. The Christmas atmosphere will be warmer and more comfortable with a touch of shabby chic such as garden chairs and chandeliers.

6. Small Christmas balcony with Christmas ornaments


Having a small balcony is not an obstacle for you to decorate it with a Christmas feel. If the balcony area is not possible, you can focus on the balcony railing by adding Christmas ornaments such as wreaths, Christmas bells, and string lights.

7. Traditional Christmas balcony


Traditional Christmas decorations are timeless. It brings a cozy feel with natural decorations including Christmas trees and garlands. Plus textiles in red become an inseparable part of Christmas.

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