My Cabin: A Great Solution For Holiday Home


My Cabin has designed three prefabricated timber structures that can be assembled anywhere. It’s a great solution for a vacation home, the series includes a small two-story house called “My Milla”, a workspace “My Kalmus”, and a sauna called “My Gaila”. Each set can stand alone or combined in a set. Warm wood tones with traditional pitched roof shapes, the architecture offers a comfortable environment where residents can relax and unwind from all the hectic activities. Vacation cabins invite everyone to connect with nature while providing modern amenities.

All cabin sets are inspired by a minimalistic Scandinavian design, framed in pine wood and an open interior. Spruce-clad exterior that can be customized according to customer needs. This cab set features high quality vapor and diffusion insulation designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, there are several heating options such as electric heating, electric heated floors, or wood stoves. It took about two months to build in its basic form. Although they can be combined together, the width, height, or slope of the building cannot be increased.

designer: My Cabin


My Milla

As the enlightenment of the soul, the center of the new world and the point of intersection of all. This cabin occupies a floor plan of 27 square meters and features a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom located on the mezzanine floor. My Milla offers peace and harmony with yourself and the environment around you.






My Kalmus

Feel the peace in your own safe place. Regain the power to learn new projects or make room for your guests. My Kalmus stretches about 15 square meters and serves as a workspace. Create your work environment the way you’ve always wanted. Feel the natural energy in new things then let it flow throughout the body.





My Galia

Finally, there is My Galia, a place for beauty in the form of a 9 square meter sauna. Relax in a hot spring house that allows steam to flow like clouds before a storm. Feel the peace and tranquility that is achieved after you make peace with yourself.






source: designboom

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