Number 23 House With Playful Family Space


Number 23 is a fun and kid-friendly new family home. Located on a vacant end terrace site in West London, this home was designed by MATT Architecture. Having a modest height, hides the house 30% bigger than its neighbours, despite occupying a smaller plot but the whole house is designed to outstanding environmental standards.

Applying an open concept to almost the entire interior, allowing sunlight to fill every room in the house, including the basement and cupboards under the stairs. The lighting system uses a combination of roof lights, electronic ‘switched’ glass, sunpipes with bespoke ‘trumpet bell’ molding and over 40 square meters of triple glazing. It does not stop there, various hidden technologies are embedded including nanogel insulation which dramatically reduces energy consumption and operational costs for the family.



Openness not only makes the room feel wider than it actually is. Number 23 is a family home that their kids love very much. Color play, furniture placement, and a variety of child-friendly accessories are placed in al




For parents, there is a mini bar hidden from their children. Even though it is in a small cabinet, the use of smart shelves and storage systems can accommodate the entire collection of glasses and drinks.





Kids play area is in a room filled with natural light. In this area there is also a safe climbing wall for children. Meanwhile, to get around the limited space, the study room together with three attractive colors will become the kids favorite study room.


photography: Will Price

designer: Matt Architecture

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