October 26, 2021

20 Boho Halloween Decor Ideas That Popular This Year


Who can’t wait for Halloween? Usually Halloween is full of traditional, rustic decorations, all the fall colors, lots of scary black decorations, and sometimes it just feels boring. Today I have to admit the most popular decoration is bohemian, so what if you apply boho chic style to your Halloween celebration or party? I don’t think it’s an exaggeration, considering that the boho style can be applied to any room or party theme. Curious as to what Halloween decorating ideas will impress all your guests? Today I’ve rounded up some amazing ideas for bringing boho accents into your décor, scroll down to get inspired!

Bohemian decoration

Like boho decorations in general, if by chance your room has this style, you just need to combine it with spooky accents. Boho wall hangings, folk prints, bold colors with gypsy patterns and black and white skulls. You can apply all of these patterns to decorations or furniture. Most of the boho Halloween decorations here are DIY projects. It’s easy and quick to implement as the boho style emphasizes a clean and minimalistic design. Whether you want to throw a party at the dinner table or want to welcome your guests in an inviting boho feel. There’s always a creative way to bring these decorations to your Halloween night.












Typical boho accent

As with the popular boho room, you’ll want to add boho decor and accent items, such as dream catchers, beads, feathers, colorful textiles, and more. All of these would look stylish but creepy with the right Halloween decorations. Don’t be afraid to bring a bold statement into the interior, some other ideas might include black macramé, wreaths, faux skulls, focus on your mantel.

If you like macramé, try making a large black wall hanging and then covering it with a pumpkin, spider or bat. It’s a good idea to create a statement wall that adds a boho chic feel. Banners or wreaths will not only enliven your party and other decorations, I can’t wait to welcome Halloween this year with great joy.









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