How To Make Modern Indoor/Outdoor Garden We Love

The garden is not just a sweetener outdoors. The modern garden concept integrated with the room is the best way to enjoy nature with the landscape it has to offer.


One part of the house that is always used as a place to relax and to go out of the room is the garden. This area is everyone’s favorite because it provides a place of entertainment that can be accessed from inside the house. From a large garden to a small garden in the backyard, you can make it a place to do lots of fun things. For those of you who have a garden with a mini size, now you can turn it into a part and parcel of home decoration by applying the concept of indoor/outdoor.

This garden design is very suitable to be in the front or backyard, by utilizing an open wall or window you will not only get a beautiful visual outside the space but also give you a way to enjoy the landscape better. If you feel your garden narrow, often overlooked because it confused the idea of the park is right or because of busy outside the home making garden decorations be looked dirty and unkempt. Today, we want to share how to make a garden with an indoor/outdoor concept and some tips on designing a modern garden style that will make your home feel like a holiday.

Set garden landscape

To get the garden design you want, you have to plan the landscape in accordance with the concept of your home. If the garden is in front, you can make the garden right in the living room with an open concept that allows outward views. To optimize privacy and comfort, you can choose types of plants that can become hedges such as vines or bamboo that are planted throughout the garden. Then, you can determine what kind of garden design you want, whether modern or minimalist style.

If you want to present a garden in your backyard, you also have to pay attention to the desired landscape. Once you know the backyard garden landscape you want to create, you can start by creating a garden arrangement connected to a relaxing area or comfortable open space.









Choose the best garden design

After you are done with the landscape, you can move on to choosing the garden design of your dreams. Do you want a garden that looks airy minimalist, or traditional-style lush garden that feels fresher? If you like simple garden designs, you can minimize the plants and focus on the furniture arrangement. Use grass and hedges for your privacy, or choose a few large, shady trees outside. Another important thing you should consider is to make sure you are a child-friendly garden, avoid placing dangerous or thorny plants that can injure children when they want to play around the park. Another idea, you can place a potted plant instead of planting it directly in the ground, or create a vertical garden on the wall which has proven to be very space-saving.





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