23 Awesome Forest Themed Gardens Similar In Nature


Living in an urban area or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a dream garden. Various methods are used to get around narrow land, even the concept of an indoor garden is often the choice of many people when they don’t have an outdoor area anymore. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a bit of space left, whether in your yard, backyard or even a rooftop, maybe it’s time to bring some forest vibes to your next garden décor.

We may rarely see urban forests in public places, dense settlements and increasingly busy traffic as if there is no place for trees anymore. This of course has a devastating impact on air pollution and our health, so it is very important to create your own urban oasis even though it is small.

Jungle themes are very popular and look amazing as garden décor, from exotic tropical forests to lush jungle themes that make the air a bit fresh. Here are forest themed garden ideas that will make anyone feel like they are in nature. Enjoy!


Take advantage of a small area into a green paradise

Limited land is indeed an unavoidable problem when you live in an urban area. However, when you are faced with an urban park, you really have to be able to take advantage of every inch of the area you have. First you need to determine the garden design that you want to create, some outdoor furniture that supports it, or determine the theme that is easiest to apply to a small area. Forest-themed gardens are not only practical because there are no specific rules for choosing plants, you can plant different types of trees, create landscapes, garden paths, or even create a hideout in the middle of the forest. If you’re interested in bringing this theme to your garden, see more inspiration below!










Forest theme garden decoration

As the name implies, a forest garden means as much as possible you bring the feel of the forest to your garden decoration. Even though it is smaller, try to make the garden as similar as possible to its natural habitat. Think about lush trees, moss, rocks, and adding animal habitat if you so desire. Fish ponds or waterfalls are welcome, bring as many elements of nature to your small garden as possible. Having a private woods will give you a comfortable hiding place, grab some benches or chairs, you can even organize a fun outdoor dining party. From the rooftop to the backyard, the forest garden gives you a relaxing haven to take a break from all the work. Enjoy!













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