December 10, 2022

How To Make Beautiful Gabion Landscapes For Simply Garden

The garden is the best area to express yourself by decorating it according to your taste. There are a variety of unique garden design which consists of several elements such as stone, wood and plants. Amongst all, I can say that stones are my favorite garden element, so today I want to share how to arrange and decorate stones to make your outdoor garden even more beautiful. Apart from laying and stacking the stones to fit our garden concept, there are better ways to create an easier and simpler rock garden. Have you ever heard of Gabion Garden? Before we discuss further about gabion, gabion itself has been widely used by landscape designers and architects for the creation of modern gardens. In addition to having a good function as retaining, gabion has a unique shape in terms of aesthetics. Usually gabion consists of woven wire which has a shape and size that can be adjusted to the garden design.

In general, gabion has a wider application range than ordinary soil planning, because it has priorities consisting of the structure, pattern, dimensions of the gabion and the structure model of the gabion has been modified to suit the current garden landscape. Gabion itself has several design options that range from the use of large stones, medium to small. You can get patterned wire according to the size of the stone you want to apply. Gabions also look beautiful combined with various other garden accents such as wood, planks, and others, the steps in your garden landscape can also be made with this material. Here I have compiled a gabion garden landscape idea as an example of how you should implement it. Starting from the use of simple gabions such as park benches, fences, and garden walls to gabion landscapes with a larger scope.

Placing the gabion as part of the garden is actually quite easy, both in terms of material and assembly. Maybe what you need to worry about is the difference in height and soil structure that you want to use. But don’t worry, everything can still be maximized by this material by not having to always appear too formal like other materials, in fact the more unique the gabion design you make, the more beautify your outdoor landscape. Usually the box-shaped wire gabion use because it is considered the most secure, but it does not mean wire embroidered with various shapes and patterns can not be used. It all depends on your tastes and imagination.

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