10 Best Gazebo Ideas To Functional Space On Your Backyard

Gazebo is a classic design that is rarely used nowadays, many people use a pergola or lightweight steel roof for the backyard instead. When in fact the gazebo has a nostalgic appeal that is timeless, and could be the most functional area that you can use as you wish. Today’s gazebos have switched functions to complement any decorating style, from simple to modern, shabby chic to industrial styles. Regardless of your style, gazebos can increase interest and beautify your landscape by offering a comfortable place for you and your family. Gazebo can be used for various purposes, such as a cozy family retreat, a dinner party, or even hold a romantic wedding. You can also make this area a hiding place when you need space to clear your mind while enjoying the surrounding landscape.

If you are a creative person, you can build your own gazebo without spending a lot of money. There are many DIY gazebo ideas that you can customize for your needs that you can easily find on the internet. Today I have compiled 10 best gazebo ideas to help you start the outdoor project. Scroll down and maybe one of them is your favorite.

1. Turn your backyard into a comfortable hideaway with a gazebo. Fresh air, greenery, and a cozy gazebo will make you feel relaxed without having to go out of the house

2. This gazebo is made of iron which emphasizes a classic outdoor impression. If you usually find them made of wood, the iron gazebo is more practical because usually you just put it though the design is a bit more expensive gazebo

3. The backyard gazebo can also be a comfortable reading corner, here you can curl up with a good book and enjoy the refreshing beauty of nature

4. Believe it or not, this DIY gazebo is made from recycled satellites

5. This wooden DIY gazebo looks simple but can blend into the surrounding environment. If you are creative enough, you can also make the gazebo itself

6. There is no more beautiful than nature-inspired gazebo. The roof is made of vines in a cozy rustic style

7. Want to have a wedding? Change the backyard gazebo for a romantic look, and you are ready to throw an outdoor party

8. Shabby chic is still people’s favorite for their gardens, and this gazebo is exactly what you expected

9. Combining a gazebo with a fish pond is a great decoration to complement your garden

10. Complete your garden landscape with a gazebo which is a favorite area to relax. Although you have a small garden, but the right settings you make it look awesome

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