Bolshevik Apartment: Stylish And Interesting Space For Young Girl


Bolshevik apartment is a project for a young girl. Located in Moscow, Russia, these contemporary apartments designed by Cartelle Design. The main goal of this project is to create a stylish and attractive space. Owners love books and hookahs, so it’s no wonder there are plenty of bookshelves and rest areas. He also does not like to cook, so the kitchen area should be made as compact as possible.

Minimalist design with loft elements was chosen as the main style. Living room with high ceilings, beams on the ceiling and a panoramic window has a special atmosphere. When renovating, it was decided to keep partitions to a minimum. A large attic window is cut into the wall between the living room, kitchen, and wardrobe, which lets light in and visually connects the two spaces.


The apartment uses monochrome as the main color scheme. Light gray walls, ceilings and textiles, dark floors, black metal elements, and a hint of light wood on the facades of the furniture cabinets. The color scheme of control and firmly diluted with bright accents detail the structure of the bed includes a yellow, red mirror frame in the hallway and detailed multi-color shelf under the window.


There are several lighting scenarios for the interior. Lighting is uniform throughout the space, a rotary track and spotlights are used. The kitchen area and a bedroom decorated in a minimalist metal chandelier. In the recreation area on the windowsill there is also a candle holder for reading. The addition of decorations is arguably very minimal, only a few black and white posters and decorative pillows on the windowsill. However, all the attention has focused on a poster with panda, which adds to the charm and informality in the room.















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