Over The Rainbow: Eye-catching Roof For Relax And Play


An architectural firm, 101architects has succeeded in creating a new face on the rooftop in Changsha, capital and largest city of Hunan Province, in China. This eye-catching roof renovation depicts a rainbow, designed to enable a terrace that is not being used for commercial purposes. The renovation was intended to create a trendy outdoor community center, as a meeting point and recreation space with panoramic views of the Xiang river.

The previously unused rooftop has now turned into a favorite instagramable place with a colorful concept. Taking advantage of the curved roof shape, the architects wanted to present a rainbow feel with various sequential color parallels. Each line represented by a different color is a platform that houses special functions and features that encourage social interaction through leisure and games. The project, which is named “over the rainbow” comes with the role of being a community hub for all residents of Kaifu District.


Located right in the capital city of Hunan province, this eye-catching community hub is equipped with a variety of interesting facilities, such as picnic tables, lounge nets, lounge seating, as well as several greenery to liven up the atmosphere.


With a rising structure that resembles an amphitheater, there is a pop up logo that is characteristic of which is located in the highest center of this amphitheater, as if it is the center of the entire building. In addition, over the rainbow is also equipped with many game arenas and installations that are no less fun, such as selfie hearts, selfie boxes, playful ribbons, swings, to slides that will take you from the 6th floor to the 5th floor.

Each facility and game zone of this rainbow rooftop is represented by a different color, creating a series of urban furniture, structures, and objects for playing and relaxing.

designer: 101architects













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