20 Inspiring Outdoor Rugs That Look Amazing


Indoor rugs may be commonly used as part of the décor, but have you ever thought about taking them outdoors? Sounds unimportant, but gosh they really look amazing. I have been there with ideas inspired many outdoors and how to renovate a terrace with a limited budget, then after seeing the idea of using outdoor rugs so I wanted to include it in the list.

I must admit that I’ve never had outdoor rugs before, and because I was not able to determine the best, so I collect them in this post I want to share with you. Outdoor rugs are a little different from the rugs you normally use indoors. Starting from the price, they are also usually all-weather resistant, but outdoor rug ideas are perfect for applications in areas with tropical climates or where it rains occasionally in the summer. Outdoor rugs material must be able to withstand harsh from the heat and sun, the better the quality and the carpet material then rugs will be able to survive long enough.

Outdoor rugs materials and types

If you ask the best rugs for outdoors? I can say it is divided into two things. However, outdoor rugs should be made of durable materials that can withstand all kinds of weather. Having a strong texture and color is also not easily fade. Here are two types of rubber that you can use outdoors.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs are the easiest to care for, usually made of Polypropylene (olefin), Polyester, Nylon or Acrylic. Olefin itself is almost similar to sisal, but has a more affordable price. This material has a strong resistance, a pleasant texture, and it is resistant of all types of weather. Synthetic outdoor rugs are completely waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean.

Natural fiber rugs

As the name implies, this rug is made of materials such as sisal, seagrass, and bamboo. Having a beautiful natural shape, this type of rug is durable but can be damaged by too much water. So, you do need extra effort to take care of natural fiber rugs. Fortunately, motifs and patterns are very beautiful, the solution you can put them on the porch with the roof open or closed deck sheltered from the rain.
















Outdoor rugs decoration

Having an outdoor area at home is like a fun entertainment zone. If you live in a city or small apartment and only have a narrow balcony, don’t be discouraged! You can still change your outdoors becomes unusually narrow with the magic rugs curved room. Lay out a rug on your outdoor deck or patio by adding an inviting extra layer. You can create a private retreat or add personality to your outdoors. When it’s getting warm outside or if that’s possible, maybe bringing carpet color and texture into your entertainment zone is the best way to start.





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