25 Awesome Outdoor Bunny Cage Ideas

Who does not love bunnies? This cute and adorable animal has been in great demand by many people as a pet. Apart from dogs and cats, these rabbits are also obedient and easy to care for. If people usually prefer to keep bunny in the house, this time it’s a little exception for those of you who have limited space at home. Then can you still raise bunny when your house is small or your room really can’t accommodate them? For some reason, the rabbit hutch does require a fairly large area. The enclosure must provide a home, a play area and a dining area that rabbits do not feel stressed. Unlike dogs and cats, you cannot allow rabbits to roam freely in the house because bunny are basically animals that are intended to be bred.

The best solution you have to make a rabbit cage outdoors, this method is considered the most appropriate if you want to make this cute animal as a pet. Bunny are animals who love to be in the wild because their natural habitat is located in the forests and partly in the mountains. Apart from getting around a small room, outdoor cages are also very popular with rabbits because their natural habitat is in the wild. You can make various rabbit cage designs that can be adapted to your outdoor space. Whether you want to make it in your yard, garden, or yard, the rabbit cage must be comfortable and able to protect your rabbits from unwanted things. Today I’ve put together 25 awesome outdoor bunny cage ideas for those of you who need some inspiration for your pet’s home. Let’s check!

Even if you are outdoors, make sure the rabbit cage is safe from wild animals or unwanted things. It is best to add a fence or iron wire to protect your rabbits. Keep the cage above the ground to prevent water overflowing when it rains, adding a roof is very important but you also have to pay attention to the surrounding environment and the frequent weather. Create easy DIY projects from recycled materials to turn into a cozy bunny house, you can take advantage of wooden crates, pipes, pallets or other materials.

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