September 30, 2023

25 Brilliant Ways To Store Your Bikes In Small Space

Sometimes hobbies do not have to require large space, even though your hobby really needs a lot of space, including those who need helmets and bicycle equipment to put in a small house. This could really be a problem if you do not know a smart way to save the bike equipment in a small space. Your best idea is to try to think outside the box by putting it in your decorating plan or storing it in places you have never thought of before or that you often ignore. If you like to bike and confused about how to keep them all, today I want to make major changes to a small space in order to hide his cycling gear, without sacrificing a lot of space.

Choosing a bike rack that fits a small house decor is the best option, choose a bike rack is simple yet able to organize your cycling equipment such as water bottles or put your helmet. For those of you who are creative, try to make a special cupboard or shelf for your own bicycle, so you will be able to integrate it with your small room. Storing a bicycle under the stairs is a brilliant idea, and even then if you are lucky enough, take advantage of the unused area to install your bicycle like a wall or hallway with multilevel shelves if necessary. Do you like wall art? Perhaps this bike storage ideas look unusual, but believe me you will make your friends impressed with the makes of bike racks and an art wall. For this idea, you can add frames or greenery to perfect the decor. Here are 25 brilliant way to store bikes useful for a small space, scroll down and get inspired!

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