7 Inspiring And Functional Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom


Wardrobe is indeed an important piece of furniture to organize all your belongings and needs. That is why it is often located in an easily accessible area such as a bedroom which incidentally is a private plain area at home. However, the closet not only as a place to store and organize all your necessities, cabinets should also have a good design and models in order to improve the aesthetics of your room.

Then what are the most popular wardrobe designs? Currently the wardrobe has many options that you can adjust to your needs. Starting from a single door wardrobe, 2 doors to 3 doors or even more. In addition, there is also a closet with sliding door models, transparent, built-in, as well as the design of cabinets designed openly. The choice of wardrobe design can be adjusted to the needs and the area of ​​the room you have. For those of you who have a small bedroom, you can try a minimalist or open wardrobe. As for the bedroom with a large size, try building a cupboard built-in or provide a special area for your wardrobe. Here are 7 inspiring wardrobe designs that work optimally for any bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Mirror wardrobes

For women’s bedrooms, it is usually equipped with a mirror that integrates with the wardrobe. The goal allows you to dress up or always want to look attractive. The mirror wardrobe has a double function because it is not only for storing clothes.


The use of mirrors in the wardrobe also makes the bedroom feel more spacious. All this thanks to the effect presented by the mirror.


2. Simple and minimalist

For those of you who don’t like complicated designs, try choosing a wardrobe with a simple and minimalist model. With shapes and neutral colors, this cabinet will look comfortably placed at any angle.


3. Natural wardrobe

Give a refreshing natural impression with a wooden wardrobe. Sturdy and elegant appearance will make the bedroom more comfortable. Wooden wardrobes are also proven to be stronger and more durable than cabinets made of other materials.


4. Open wardrobe

Currently, many interior designers are implementing wardrobes without doors or open wardrobes. This wardrobe model is not only easy and practical, it will certainly save a lot of space in your bedroom. You can add curtains to cover your closet when you want to hide them.


5. Walk in wardrobes

This wardrobe design can be applied to those of you who have a large collection of clothes, shoes, bags, or other accessories that require extra storage area. Walk in wardrobes are almost like in a store which makes it easier for you to organize your things freely.


Of course you will need a large enough area to make a wardrobe design like this. However, there are many advantages such as making it easier for you to find and organize all your items, the wardrobe will look more elegant, and the storage area is wider.


6. Corner wardrobe

If your bedroom is narrow then you have to be smart in utilizing every available space. One of them is to make a wardrobe in the corner of the room. This wardrobe design will fill the void in the corner that is often overlooked to be transformed into a functional wardrobe.


7. Transparent wardrobe

Transparent wardrobe models make your bedroom look more elegant. Use cabinets with glass doors that make it easier for you to see and find whatever you need.


Transparent wardrobes can also be used to display collectibles such as your favorite bags and shoes.


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