25 Cool Bike Display Ideas In Living Room

Many people choose bicycles as a means of transportation. Apart from being practical and inexpensive, cycling will also keep the body in shape and make the body healthy. If you are a bicycle enthusiast, even have your own bike association to connect with people who have the same hobby, surely you have a collection of favorite bikes. Store bikes in a garage or warehouse may be considered the most secure, but for cyclists it was very unfortunate because the bike will be neglected until overlooked. Then how to overcome it? The best solution is to store a bicycle in the house, but the large size of the bike sometimes makes people confused putting their bikes in order to blend in with the interior. The living room may be an unexpected place, but with the right settings you can display your bike while displaying your bike collection in style. Today I have collected 25 cool bike display ideas in living room which will inspire you with a variety of unique ways. Find the best for your space!


















In addition to simply as a living room display, store bikes indoors as well be a practical option for those of you who do not have a garage. Use a wooden rack or wall hook to hang your bike. Today there are plenty of bike racks or storage units which can be found at various online sites or bike equipment shop. And if you are still confused about how to save a bike to make it suitable for the living room, get more inspiration here.







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