7 Best Inspired Lighting Ideas For Thanksgiving

Lighting always gives a feeling of calm and warmth because the rays of light give beauty to the world. Your Thanksgiving party or family dinner will be more effective if you add lighting into your home décor. Celebrate Thanksgiving night with a beautiful setting or illuminate it with several lighting options such as string lights, candles, to light boxes.

You can put various lighting ideas and place them on the table, arrange them either as centerpieces or just give a little touch with different styles. You can also DIY your own Thanksgiving lighting with natural elements, carved pumpkins, or leaves that will bring a true fall feel to the room or prefer fall lighting.

Scents, colors, and lighting textures make a wonderful combination to liven up your party, and in this post I want to inspire you with the best lighting ideas for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving table with string lights


The table is the main focus in this decoration. And as the centerpiece and ultimate goal of the party, decorating it with a Thanksgiving theme is a must. If you already have a Thanksgiving table idea by now, complete it by adding a twinkling light on the table with a string light.

Thanksgiving light box


Want to make a big Thanksgiving statement? The light box will represent your current feelings and desires. Make phrases about Thanksgiving and anything you enjoy to lighten the mood.

Maple leaf light


Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest associated with nature. So, you can bring a natural feel with a maple leaf-shaped light option. The colors and glow of autumn make a festive party feel cozy.

Thanksgiving ceiling light


Not only Thanksgiving table decorations, you can also brighten up your home ceiling with Thanksgiving lighting. In addition to the chandelier, you can add a string light just above the ceiling.

Outdoor Thanksgiving lighting ideas


If it’s sunny outside, why not have an outdoor Thanksgiving party? In addition to giving a new and fun atmosphere, an outdoor Thanksgiving party can also feel romantic with the right outdoor lighting.

Thanksgiving candle light


Candles are a classic lighting idea and perfect for any festive party. The glow from the candle flame always makes the room feel warmer. And carrying candles as Thanksgiving lighting is very popular right now.

Pumpkin carving lights


Every Thanksgiving celebration there must be a pumpkin as part of the décor. Whether it’s a table decoration, home décor, party complement, and if you’re creative, try carving it as a lighting idea. Place a candle in the center of a pumpkin carving or use it as a lantern.

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