5 Things You Should Know For Tropical Style Interior


When you are always busy with all activities and work, sometimes you have to stop for a moment to relax. And if you never have time to go on vacation, maybe this is the time to bring a tropical vibe to your home. Today I would like to invite you to change your home with a holiday feel, namely Balinese interior style or tropical style house.

This interior style is often found when you are on vacation to the beach. This includes many distinctive tropical features and elements such as the use of natural materials, utilization of vegetation, and integration with the surrounding environment. If you dream of a holiday without having to leave the house, here are 5 things you should know to decorate it. Hopefully inspired!

Aesthetic living room

The living room is the first thing you should consider when you want to bring a tropical vibe. This area in addition to receiving guests, is also often used as a family favorite room. In the tropical living room style, you usually place furniture with natural accents such as wood, bamboo, and rattan.


Optimize the tropical look by decorating the living room in a semi-open space. Sliding doors and glass, or large windows allow the room to stay cool but keep natural light in or protect insects at night. In addition, you can decorate the living room with ethnic nuances or contemporary tropical plants.


Cozy small pool

No matter how small your house is, having a swimming pool is always the best place to relax. Although small in size, a swimming pool with a tropical style will not take up much land. Even a small swimming pool can feel comfortable if you set it right, you can even create a tropical garden around the swimming pool.


For houses with limited land, the size of the swimming pool should also be adjusted. At a minimum, a swimming pool measuring 3 x 7 meters with an adjustable depth. But in a tropical-style house, the size of the pool is not too influential because it is more focused on using the landscape.


Home office connected to the outdoors

Currently working from home is no longer a strange thing, you can also apply this habit to a tropical-style home. If you already have a workspace or home office where you often get all your work done, it’s a good idea to change it with a relaxed and comfortable tropical atmosphere.


Work always requires quiet, and what’s best about working to connect with nature? Sometimes you don’t realize that you need to stop and take in the view outside to get your spirits back. Like a tropical house, a green view can always motivate and make you more productive.


Eat with nature

The dining room cannot be overlooked for a tropical residence, especially if you like to enjoy seafood or cold drinks at the dining table. To make it feel like a vacation, use natural materials such as stone and wood, for example you can choose a wooden dining table set or walls made of stone.


Almost similar to other tropical rooms, the tropical-style dining room also adheres to a semi-open concept. That means as much as possible to connect with nature, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than eating with nature.


Cool and relaxing bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most private areas where you spend most of your time cleaning yourself and relaxing in the tub. To create a comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom, you can make tropical decorations such as placing tropical plants or using a minimalist bathtub.


Do not forget the natural materials such as wood and pebbles create a tropical vibe like in a holiday villa. You can also apply an open concept so that it is like bathing in nature.


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