7 Easy And Minimalist Ablution Place Ideas At Home

The place of ablution cannot be separated from the life of Muslims. However, many people still do not have an ablution place that is part of the house. For Muslims who want to pray, ablution becomes a must to cleanse themselves and purify the heart. So, the use of the ablution place is no less important than the prayer room at home. Making a place for ablution can be done anywhere as long as the place is clean and free from uncleanness.

Ablution place design does not require a large place, not even as difficult and expensive as you might think. Even a minimalist house with a limited size can have its own ablution place. In addition to making the house look aesthetically pleasing, the ablution place must be supplied with a clean stream of water so that it adds to the solemnity when you want to pray. Here I have collected some design inspiration for an easy and minimalist ablution place at home. Let’s check!

1. Ablution place with a small garden


Building an ablution place that is connected to the garden area will make you more enthusiastic when you want to pray. You just have to prepare a special area for the ablution area with a dividing wall, then make a road connecting the prayer room with the ablution place. Place some ornamental plants in pots and grass nuanced rugs to add a natural impression.

2. Ablution place in the laundry room


Basically, ablution places can be placed anywhere, but try to avoid areas such as bathrooms to keep them clean. Alternatively, you can build an ablution place close to the laundry room. Add a dividing wall based on its function even though it is in one room.

3. Modern ablution place beside the prayer room


Building an ablution place next to the prayer room is the right choice because it is very practical when you want to pray. Even though it is small in size, you can make it comfortable with the right settings. Use a shade color like brown which can be an alternative.

4. Ablution place in the hallway


Take advantage of the hallway leading to the prayer room or prayer room to build an ablution place! In addition to saving time, the design of the ablution place with natural elements such as stones and pebbles adds to the aesthetics of the room. Build a path with stone tiles and then combine it with a synthetic grass carpet for a natural impression.

5. Ablution place with skylight


This ablution place is a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. Applying an open but minimalist concept with skylights. The room next to it can be used for various purposes, such as a drying room, prayer area, and even a lounge.

6. Ablution place without boundaries in the house


If you like a simple ablution place design, you can take advantage of the unused area in the house. So that the room looks spacious, let the ablution place without a dividing wall. Besides being easy and space-saving, you can build this ablution place anywhere you want.

7. Place for ablution under the stairs


The area under the stairs is often neglected, even though you can use it for other purposes, including the ablution place. In addition to being built a prayer room, the space under the stairs is also equipped with a place for ablution with a refreshing green nuance. Equipped with a small pond that keeps the floor from getting wet because the water for ablution will flow directly into the pond.

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