5 Creative Ways To Renovate Your Small Balcony

A small balcony can be the best area of the house if used properly. Especially when the temperature starts to warm and the weather is very supportive to be outside, your balcony is the most appropriate place to welcome it. Not only as a regular square or square room, the balcony can be transformed into many functional spaces.

See how you renovate it for a variety of everyday activities that can be turned into unexpected areas or extra spaces that you might never have imagined before. There’s definitely plenty of fun and quality time for yourself or doing various household chores. Here are some creative ways to get around this.

1. Relaxing area and favorite nooks

In general, the balcony is used as a small area outside the room. Usually many people use this area to relax or just want to spend time outdoors. With foldable furniture, you can easily organize it for various activities. Add some textiles, chair cushions, and blankets to make the atmosphere even more comfortable, especially on cold days.



2. Laundry with natural shades

The balcony connected to the outdoors is the best area for a laundry room. With a different environment, homework will feel lighter as well as a new experience. A balcony covered with glass can combine indoor and outdoor nuances for washing and drying clothes. Organize your laundry corner with a storage unit that makes it easy for you to reach and find what you need.



3. Cozy small workspace

Nowadays having a home office is very common in homes. However, what if your house is narrow? The best solution is to turn the balcony into a comfortable workspace. Even though it’s small, you can organize it with wall shelves, storage drawers, to add a built-in desk. The balcony workspace will give you a calm atmosphere as well as a view outside the room that will restore your mood.



4. Aesthetic kitchen and dining room

Any room will feel refreshing if connected to the outdoors. This balcony places the kitchen and dining area in one small area that looks very comfortable. Balcony renovations like this give you a unique style of space as well as a comfortable area for daily activities for those of you who want a fresh atmosphere to cook and eat.



5. Beautiful balcony garden

Are you a gardening hobbyist but don’t have an area to do it outside? Don’t worry, you can use the balcony as a gardening area or create a garden landscape that is no less beautiful than a backyard garden. Use plant racks, pots, and some hanging plant ideas to build the balcony garden of your dreams.



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