20 Earthy Boho Balcony Ideas You’ll Love

boho chic balcony ideas with color accents

Earthy balcony gives you peace of mind as you enjoy time alone or with loved ones. Like a boho balcony that gives a classic look with bright colors and neutral vibes. Maybe you have ever dreamed of turning your balcony into a unique escape, a place where you can hide and take a break from all the tiring daily activities. So, why not make it happen now with these beautiful bohemian balcony ideas? Boho and Moroccan styles are very popular nowadays, that’s what will give new life to your small balcony.

Applying a more modern warm color palette so it is suitable for use at home and outdoors. Boho balconies are guaranteed to make your soul soar, from the comfortable seating arrangements that will make you want to relax all day to the combination of bright textiles that blend with the freshness of the plants. This post will take you to create a little piece of heaven right on your doorstep. If you like this style and are looking for new and fresh boho balcony decoration ideas, we have put together some for you to try at home. Let’s check it out!

bright boho balcony decor with indoor plants

Color Scheme

As we know, the boho style is known for its quite colorful look, usually inspired by Moroccan and Gypsy culture. However, currently the boho style appears more subdued with neutral and earthy colors such as cream, white, black and brown, so a boho balcony is easy to combine with whatever style you want. However, a balcony with neutral colors can look too plain and boring, so you may have to add lots of patterns and textures to your decoration.

aesthetic boho balcony decor with macrame

Furniture and Decoration

Choosing furniture is very important to suit the area and purpose of the balcony. Will this be a bed? reading corner or just a relaxing area while drinking coffee on the weekend? Choose rattan, wooden and pallet furniture, the most popular ideas use daybeds, couches, chairs, lounge chairs, side tables and cover it all with boho pillows, blankets and boho rugs on the floor.

Decoration is also no less important for a boho style balcony, so take potted green plants, cacti and succulents, not forgetting the characteristic macrame. Decorate too with lamps, diffusers and Moroccan candle lanterns, add decorative baskets, beautiful Moroccan coffee sets, and other favorite items.

Enjoy more boho balcony beauty below!

colorful bohemian balcony ideas with woven pendant light

romantic boho balcony design with string light

simple boho balcony deck with hanging plants

minimalist boho balcony ideas with curtains

chic bohemian balcony for small space

boho chic balcony with rattan furniture

boho balcony decor with hanging rattan chair

modern boho balcony with benches

colorful boho balcony ideas with textiles

nature inspired boho balcony decoration

small boho balcony decor with acapulco chair

aesthetic bohemian balcony design with rattan fruniture

rustic boho balcony decor ideas

pretty boho balcony with floral decor

stylish white balcony with bohemian style

beautiful boho balcony decor ideas

earthy boho balcony decor with hanging chair

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