20 Lively Eclectic Balcony Designs That Inspire


The balcony may be the only outdoor space you have when living in an apartment. However, that doesn’t mean a balcony can’t provide you with comfort and fresh air when you occasionally want to relax for a moment. Choosing a particular style for a small balcony can be a difficult decision, and can sometimes take up a lot of space. So, let’s add some eclectic style in there! Eclectic style means combining colors, patterns, styles and eras in an effortless way so that it appears that these elements complement each other.

In this post, we want to show you how to create an eclectic balcony that functions beautifully and perfectly reflects your taste and personality. Such a balcony showcases a lifestyle and individuality that looks full of life. That said, eclectic doesn’t mean anything goes here and we’ve got some tips for doing it right. Enjoy!


Mix And Match

Mix and match various objects using different colors and eras, this is the key to creating an eclectic balcony. It can be furniture, decorations, rugs, even textiles and pillows, preferably featuring contrasting details. An eclectic balcony is also the perfect backdrop to show off your creative side. Add some unique items to the decor, eclectic is all about incorporating creative pieces in unexpected ways. Eclectic decoration doesn’t have to be overwhelming, you just need to find some way to combine different decorations, and the easiest way to do this is to use a single color scheme. This color scheme offers the flexibility to mix different style elements on your balcony but still maintain the same color.


Include Repetition

Eclectic should be far from disorganized chaos, you just need to balance your worn and flea market finds with more modern items. You can also mix modern items with rustic items for a cozy feel, or mix Mediterranean and boho chic. To avoid a monotonous look, use include visual repetition that will help you tie the balcony design together. Choose colors or geometric shapes that are repeated in the ornaments and images as well as the textiles you choose. If your balcony has a beautiful landscape view, this will be an attraction in itself. Also make sure your color schemes match each other when trying to create a colorful balcony.


Vintage Elements

Upcycling is an easy way to add a vintage touch to your balcony design. Add small elements for example turning a cool looking wine or gin bottle into a candle holder or vase for wildflowers, vintage furniture such as a shabby chic chair, a traditional bench or even an old fashioned coffee table as the focal point of your balcony. Vintage items look really cool combined with a sleek minimalist or modern design adding interest to a small balcony. Find more eclectic balcony colors, patterns, and textures that best suit your style below!

















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