20 Aesthetic Balcony Design With Rattan Furniture


Rattan is a furniture material that is beautiful, sturdy and can last a long time. That is why rattan furniture and wickerwork are very popular for interior and exterior use. Apart from being famous for its beauty, rattan furniture is also comfortable to use and environmentally friendly because it is made from natural materials. The use of rattan furniture not only covers the main part of the room but is also very functional in outdoor spaces such as balconies. If by chance you want to renovate your balcony or are looking for cozy furniture for your small balcony, rattan furniture could be the best alternative.

Even though it is small, a balcony is the best place to connect you with the outdoors. A place where you can relax after a long day of activities, especially when the weather is warm, it feels amazing to stay there. When you want to decorate a balcony, choosing furniture is of course the main focus. Besides having to match the size of your balcony, choose furniture that is comfortable and has aesthetic value which will make the balcony look more attractive. Below we have collected several balcony designs with rattan furniture that will make your outdoor space feel like a holiday. Please scroll down and get inspired!


Scheme and style

Before you decide to add rattan furniture to your balcony, first decide what style you want to display? Or you want to add something else to it. Even though rattan furniture is synonymous with vacation style, you can still combine other styles such as Scandinavian, minimalist, contemporary, rustic, boho, or even modern which will look harmonious with rattan accents. Next, think about a color scheme that suits your personality, for example neutrals, black and white, pastels, or light stained wood and many more. There are many color schemes that match and are easy to combine with rattan furniture.


Decoration and styling

Balconies can be arranged in various ways according to how large you want them to be and how much space you currently have. When you want to add rattan furniture, make sure it functions optimally and is space-saving. This could be a dining room or living room, a small corner for reading a book, relaxing, or just enjoying your favorite drink. Small balconies usually look more aesthetic with metal, rattan and wood upholstered furniture. Complete it with as many green plants as you want, from placing them in pots, walls, floors or hanging them above the balcony. Patterned textiles, plants and rugs will add interest to the balcony, and string lights and candle lanterns will help you enhance the atmosphere. Find balcony ideas with rattan furniture that you like!


















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