How To Make Minimalist Laundry Room For Tiny Space


In every home, laundry room may often be hidden or invisible. In fact, laundry room is very important because it becomes a workspace when you want to wash or dry your daily clothes. This is the reason why the laundry room has turned into an inseparable room from the house. No matter how small the room you have, try to create a minimalist laundry room design that saving-space.

A minimalist laundry room has a simple design and does not require a large room. However, the laundry room design can still be used optimally and still be charming as part of your home décor. For those of you who are currently in need of a tiny laundry room idea or need some tips to maximize an existing laundry room, here we provide inspiration for you. Check it out!

Functional laundry room with furniture


Sometimes the job of washing can be tiring, especially if you do it standing up. Now you can work around this by placing comfortable furniture in the laundry room. In addition to making you comfortable, this functional furniture can also be used as a place to relax, chat, or even store some things.

Ideally, you can make a laundry room like this right after the entrance to the house.


Practical shelves for walls


For a small room, the solution can be to use a shelf wall shelf that is more practical and efficient. Just put a shelf or hanging shelf on the wall to save space.

This trick is very often seen in minimalist-style laundry rooms because its placement does not take up space on the floor which requires a large enough area.

Setting the laundry room vertically


A minimalist laundry room can be made in any room in the house. Just maximize the use of walls to arrange them vertically.

You can arrange the washing machine unit in stages to save space, then use wall storage that is also minimalist.

Space-saving with sliding doors


For those of you who want the room to always look neat, you can imitate the following ideas. Although hidden, this laundry room still looks stylish and minimalist thanks to the use of sliding doors.

Of course, you don’t need a large area to make it. You can choose this trick to be applied to a storage room that looks beautiful even though it’s the main room.


Minimalist laundry room that integrates with bathroom


Combining a laundry room with a bathroom is a practical way that is worth considering. Given that these two rooms have a need for cleanliness with almost the same function. You can create a minimalist laundry room by blending with the interior in the bathroom.

To make it look more harmonious, use paint or colors that are almost the same either on the selection of the washing machine or on the furniture in the bathroom.

Simple laundry room that blends with the interior


It is very important to make a multifunctional and space saving laundry room design. Try to make the laundry room integrated with any interior in the house, you can even build a laundry room in unexpected areas such as in the hallway, kitchen, or even close to the workspace.

You can apply the built-in or hidden concept to keep the room looking neat.

Small laundry room with plants


A comfortable and functional laundry room doesn’t have to be full of furniture. The key is in harmony such as presenting indoor plants. This green nuance will not only enhance the appearance of your laundry room, but also make you more enthusiastic when doing daily work such as washing, ironing, or drying clothes.

Laundry room with various types of plants will make the air fresher. Meanwhile, you will also feel relaxed because of the aroma produced from the plants.

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