10 Shared Kids Room Ideas With Double Pleasure

Had many children is happiness itself, but most families, especially those living in cities, do not have much space for each child. This applies to those of you with more than one child, you must be smart in arranging the room so that the children still feel comfortable even though they are in one room.

The shared kids room is a solution for families with small home environments or for those of you who want to make children closer to their siblings. We currently have two twins and they have always grown up together from childhood. So I know a lot about sharing rooms. This is the best way to add a double pleasure with their sister, but keep in mind shared kids room must also be distinguished according to the wishes of children. Every child must have differences, whether it’s gender, hobbies, favorite characters, and even colors can vary due to differences in character. In addition, this room is not a room that has to be large but still functions optimally.

Giving each child an individual room is the best option, but often space in the house is impossible and sharing is the only way. Every child has a different character, so determining a theme or creating multiple double bed concepts can work well for every child.

1. Have three boys at home? several beds with interesting designs will give them a good time with their siblings.

2. This shared room adopts a lovely bohemian style. The use of canopies, accessories, and classic bed designs adds a cozy feel to a child’s room.


3. Give a soft and soothing touch to the kids room along with pastel colors. A shared photo frame becomes a visual centerpiece that will bring them closer together.


4. Then what about four children? Even though it looks small, the placement of a bed with several sliding beds is very effective in getting around space limitations.


5. Give a modern twist to the kids room along with a canopy bed, neutral paint, and Scandinavian-style furniture.


6. Shared bedroom ideas for boys and girls are also popular these days. Not much is different, you just have to play around with the colors and patterns.


7. Even though it looks simple, the shared children’s room gives extra pleasure for their children. The secret is in placing the bed between the windows which adds an outward visual for each child.


8. Shared bedroom with cute decorations for three little girls. Try to keep the oldest sibling on the top bed and continue until the younger sibling is the smallest.


9. The design of this kids room has an inviting traditional style. I love the symmetrical placement of the bed, and every child has the same part of space. Although they are different in theme, they complement each other.


10. Vintage style is always attractive to any room, including the shared children’s room. Starting from the bed to the bookshelf using a charming vintage.


source: pinterest

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