December 4, 2023

7 Best Fence Plant Ideas For Your Privacy

In building a house, it is very important to consider several factors so that the occupants feel at home and comfortable. One of the most important is the design of the fence that supports the safety factor for the occupants of the house. The fence is not only a barrier between the house and the outdoors but the fence also determines the appearance of your house as a whole because the first thing people see when crossing in front of your house is a fence.

A fence does not have to look rigid, it is not even obliged to use an iron, wooden or wall fence which actually gives the impression of being closed to the occupants of the house. You can take your home fencing to the next level, and using plants as a home fence is the best idea. The house will look beautiful and fresh if you add more elements of nature, hedgerows very practical and gives a natural feel which may not be obtained from other fence designs. In the following I have summarized the 7 best plant fence ideas that will give you privacy in a different way.

1. Tree fence with natural nuances

The idea of a fence using plants has actually been around for a long time. This is a great way to add privacy while providing a refreshing natural feel. This idea involves some tall trees that form a single unit. This tree fence is great for giving the impression of being open to the garden, but still maintaining your view with a beautiful green landscape.


2. Tropical style bamboo fence

Bamboo plants usually live in tropical and hot climates. This plant has a tall and very sturdy shape. In addition, bamboo plants live in groups so you can arrange them as a house fence to block out direct views from the outside.


3. Bougenville for a beautiful fence

Who doesn’t know Bougenville? One type of flower that is often used for this fence has a variety of beautiful colors. This easy-to-grow flower has a unique characteristic because of the shape and color of its thin, paper-like petals.


4. Boxwood is timeless

Speaking of fence plant, boxwood is probably the most popular of all. This plant is easy to shape as you wish with a shape that is like a bush. Usually boxwood is perfect for modern and minimalist style houses.


5. Inviting cypress fence

Want a holiday look outside your room? Try placing a fir fence in a neat and orderly arrangement. Although not all types of fir can be used as a fence because this tree can grow very large. Some types of spruce, such as the fan cypress with a small leaf texture, can grow densely and coincide.


6. Vines that add privacy

If you happen to already have a fence but want a different look, try adding vines to your fence. Apart from adding to the beauty of the landscape, these vines will also give you more privacy. One of the climbing hedges such as English ivy is widely used because of its unique and lush leaf shape.


7. A charming flowering fence plant

A fence can really look gorgeous with a beautiful flowering fence. But keep in mind, depending on where you live and what flowers you want to plant, this flowering fence may only flower a few times a year.


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