Loftwall Parallel: Dynamic Solution For Privacy Your Work


Loftwall designed by KEM STUDIO, are parallel as dynamic solutions for a privacy that gives each individual the ability to improve their overall well-being. It is hoped that each individual can be more focused and productive at work even in a busy environment. Designers have done research, and found that privacy depends on the micro-needs of everyone’s personality, those next to them, and what happens from moment to moment. Meanwhile, the current solution lacks individual or on-demand controls that allow individuals to adjust and increase the space around them.

Loftwall being a desk divider solution that can be tailored to individual needs, designers have embedded magnets in two sizes of acoustic panels and mountable panels (made from recycled content). This design allows the user to move the panel as needed or easily exchange it with privacy more or less. So, each side actually functions as a regulator of the device.


The parallels are magnetic, have a dry erase surface, and provide privacy while an ergonomic curation tool for quick video chats or to see who is texting you. On the back, there is a bracket that provides enough space between the back of the table and the panel so you can still use the monitor arm and organize any cables, but it also looks great without the panel as it doesn’t extend over the tabletop.











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