12 Fun Rainbow Themed Room Ideas For Kids


The rainbow has always been a source of inspiration for many people. This color combination is also very popular with children, so it is very suitable for their room. So, the children’s room should always be fun! They love bright colors, bold décor, playful touches, and unique pieces are complementary ideas.

Then, how to apply the rainbow theme to the children’s room? Its bright color can give a bright and lively effect to any interior design. Of course, you don’t need to paint the entire wall in rainbow colors. Instead, you can apply it to several elements of the decor or a piece of furniture to create a different look.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest, brightest, most fun rainbow-themed nursery inspiration for inspiration. Please scroll down and maybe you will find your favorite ideas for children’s rooms.

1. Rainbow themed headboard


Kids need more sleep than adults. That’s why you need to think about a comfortable bed design for them. A rainbow themed headboard will not only make children feel happy, but also make the room look prettier.

2. Rainbow themed wall paint


You don’t have to paint all parts of the child’s room, just give a rainbow touch to one part of the wall. In order not to seem monotonous, paint the walls in a unique rainbow shape or only paint half of the walls.

3. Rainbow themed furniture


Kids love their furniture because it is used in everyday life. From tables to chairs, this rainbow-themed furniture will make your little one even more excited when doing activities.


4. Rainbow themed curtains


Get a lovely rainbow silhouette using rainbow themed curtains. Sunlight will also feel unique with various color casts, so that the incoming natural light is no longer dazzling.

5. Rainbow themed bookcase


Get your little one excited about reading by building a rainbow-themed bookshelf. You can arrange books by color to make it interesting for kids to find their favorite book.

6. Rainbow-themed reading nook


Another unique idea that is no less exciting is to make a rainbow themed reading corner. You can combine it with a rainbow bookshelf to blend in with the room decor.

7. Rainbow themed lights


Even though it is not the main lighting in a child’s room, this rainbow neon light will make your little one’s sleep more soundly. Choose a rainbow-themed neon lamp that functions as a night light or just extra lighting in the room.

8. Rainbow themed wall gallery


The rainbow wall gallery is a great decoration to fill an empty wall in a child’s room. Paste various posters, paintings, and rainbow-themed works of art that make the room look more aesthetic.

9. Rainbow themed wall clock


Want to train children to be disciplined and respect time? Add a rainbow themed wall clock in their room. This wall clock is also inspired by the boho style that is suitable for any room theme.

10. Rainbow themed banner


Create a cheerful nursery by adding a rainbow themed banner. From triangular flags to pompom banners for smaller nursery rooms. This decoration will make a kids room even more lively.


11. Rainbow themed study room


Increase your little one’s learning focus by creating a rainbow-themed study room. You can add a large rainbow wall wallpaper that will make children more focused and productive.

12. Rainbow themed polka dot wall


Polka dot walls always make a kid’s room look adorable. The trick, you can paint the walls using watercolor with a rainbow theme.

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