10 Minimalis Buffet Ideas For TV Consoles

Today TV has become an indispensable part of home entertainment. There are a variety of TV choices that offer many advantages, making many people start thinking about a special room to be an entertainment zone. With a good TV set, you can enjoy entertainment content more easily. However, it should be noted that no matter how good a TV set you have at home, a TV storage area is still needed.

So as not to contrast with your interior style and concept, today I want to share a minimalist buffet idea designed for TV consoles. They would be great pieces of furniture because they can serve many purposes, and I really like how they become the center of attention in a family favorite room. TV buffet are always the best choice because they are equipped with storage areas and also have unique features. Here are some inspirations to make it easier for you to create an entertainment area that is a family favorite. Let’s check one by one!

1. Black TV buffet is the best choice for those who like modern design. As much as you can minimize the use of accessories, you can make a statement with plant stands and bohemian rugs.


2. Bring an aesthetic impression to the entertainment area by choosing a TV sideboard that is equipped with a woven door. The idea is perfect for the holiday season!


3. For those who like the farmhouse style, you can combine the sideboard with an elegant barn sliding door.


4. TV buffet don’t always take up a lot of space at home. You can choose this functional floating buffet in the living room.


5. Apart from making a contrasting statement on the white interior. This TV buffet also has a neutral color that warms the room, and is equipped with lots of storage shelves underneath.


6. Like masculine style? You can choose a buffet with a classic look and a little industrial touch. To be more stylish, combine it with a wall gallery that is no less phenomenal.


7. Clean and minimalist impression is the first thing from this TV buffet. Designs like this are most in demand because of their simple models and colors.


8. Antique style TV buffet may be a little out of date. However, designs like this are timeless. Use paint or repaint furniture for a completely new style.


9. Minimalist homes or Japandi-style houses, you can choose a TV buffet with many additional accessories. Place a small flower vase, photo frame, or your favorite book collection to make it look even more beautiful.


10. Has a classic shape with environmentally friendly wood material. This TV buffet is very space-saving because it consists of a lot of storage. Thanks to the natural wood color, you can easily combine it with any style of furniture at home.


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