February 21, 2024

Casa Néro By Di Frenna Arquitectos


Casa Néro is a contemporary residence located in Colima, Mexico. This project was completed in 2021 by Di Frenna Arquitectos. The location and terrain of Casa Néro was the main place for its construction and design, which gave the project a volcanic landscape and the Nevado de Colima. At the same time it becomes a challenge to build under a warm sub-humid climate like that experienced in the city. The concept of a volcano is a coincidence that finally honors this great milestone in its context. The building has a predominant black color and a vivid sense of the chosen material, reminiscent of volcanic rock, shielding the interior from the sun, and being a respectful gesture to blend into context.

On the other hand, there are large volumes and extrusions that make up the body of the house, suggesting the same movement that results in the imperfection of these mountains and for others it translates into the perfection of nature. The volume of the project looks majestic on the outside, but the interior plays with common parlance. The pedestrian entrance is designed at a medium height and contrasts with the exterior perspective, welcoming users with a magnificent stone-clad building, to then facing a double height that houses social areas such as the living and dining areas.


The ground floor is a free area, some walls limiting it just to hide more of the private areas like the cinema and services. The rest of the house is intentionally left open to lead to a terrace, which is connected to the lake to be closer to the surroundings. The rooms are on the top floor. It contributes to and benefits from the series of extrusions that make up the design, providing opportunities for simple openings and small balconies, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior.





Residents will be pampered with sensory experiences that carefully capture natural lighting. Casa Néro has a high height that leads to optimally oriented windows, causing light reflections that allow the interior to come alive by delaying the use of artificial lighting. Zenithal openings bathe the walls in the perfect light to place iconic artwork and the final element that contributes to this proposal are the glass side lines that stop between the impressive volume.








This project has an aesthetic that directs the perception of an unbeatable harmony between strong, heavy and industrial elements accompanied by other elements that provide the necessary warmth and light for the home experience, such as the ceiling case and the carpentry elements. The artisanal process during the construction of the house is felt with the naked eye in the chosen materiality. The signs of paved concrete, the placement of stone on the walls and the richness of the lattice cast on the site, once again evoke the value of imperfection in the quest for perfection.







photos: Lorena Darquea

designer: Di Frenna Arquitectos

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