February 23, 2024

15 Simple Solutions to Bring Double Light in Dark Bedroom

beautiful double light with mirror hack

Not every bedroom has good lighting. Actually a lot of the dark bedroom design which makes us wonder what was planned by the architect or interior designer. Sometimes the placement of a window that does not fit is the main cause. Perhaps some windows are placed correctly but blocked by trees that cause incoming sunlight can be blocked. If you currently have a bedroom that is less bright, there are some easy tricks you can try to get the lighting as you would expect. One simple solution is to place the lamp in front of the mirror, this trick is very useful for those of you who even have many windows but too many items that block out the sun.

The idea is that the mirror will reflect back the light that the lamp has to release, effectively multiplying your light source. To do this you only need a light sleeper, mirrors and the most important is a bedside table or dresser. Curious as what? Let’s look at 15 ideas of bringing double light to your dark bedroom!

luxury bedroom lights night stands with mirror


pretty double light in bedroom


double bedroom lights with mirror


awesome bedroom light with silver mirrors


simple double light in bedroom


farmhouse grey bedroom with double light solutions



farmhouse grey bedroom with double light solutions


cozy bedroom style with double light ideas


super cozy bedroom with mirror behind the lamps


modern bedroom with double light solutions


mirror behind the lamps to light arround the room


simple light in rattan sidetable with mirror ideas


cool grey bedroom with double light ideas

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