DAJLIEN: First-ever Home Training Collection From IKEA


For the first time, IKEA has officially launched a collection of home training and recovery and stress relief equipment at home called DAJLIEN. Starting to be marketed around the beginning of 2024, IKEA is equipped with 19 multi-purpose, portable and compact products. This is one of those sports product ranges that you won’t want to hide behind. For example, you will find multifunctional exercise benches that can be converted into a trolley or store accessories, towels and other sports equipment.

Next, there is an anti-slip base that is included in the bench by lifting a wooden board, as well as functioning as wooden furniture, especially a coffee table. IKEA showcased the collection at its booth at Art Basel Miami where visitors could see the products before they are released next year.


DAJLIEN from IKEA consists of a variety of home training products. Comprising a non-slip yoga mat, a bamboo stepping board, and a set of donut-shaped dumbbells, it’s designed to be easy to use, store, and take anywhere. Apart from sports and fitness equipment, DAJLIEN also includes recovery and stress relief products for its users.

This comprehensive range of products aims to help users rest after and during exercise. IKEA still equips it with an air purifier, yoga strap, knee pads, massage ball, and a portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Everything is in soft, pastel colors, allowing them to create a meditative and calming environment while doing the exercise routine they love. Wearables are also making an appearance, including slips and ponchos for post-workout wellness. Maybe you have to be patient until January to have this product!














source: designboom

designer: IKEA

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