20 Luxury And Glam Interior Ideas With Marble Accents


Natural stone and sculpture are two materials that are timeless, even today marble is one of the most widely used natural stones as part of interior design. As we know, adding marble to any space can enhance the luxurious and glam impression for homeowners to enjoy.

There are various ways to decorate marble interiors by taking into account several things such as needs, design and the color of the room you want to display. By applying marble as floors, walls, tables and other furniture, the interior will look more elegant.

If you’re interested in bringing marble accents into your home, or just want to add a little glam to a corner of a room, here are some tips for applying it to a beautiful finish.


Why choose marble as part of the interior?

Even though marble is a material that is quite expensive, there are many benefits that you can get by using this material. Marble is a natural rock that is not easily scratched. The scratch resistance of marble is very high, so it can be applied to any area of the house, whether on floors, walls, or furniture. The smooth surface makes it very easy to clean and another advantage that is no less spectacular, marble is a material with good heat resistance. The very strong insulator properties prevent heat so that the room will feel cool all the time.









Interior design with marble accents

You can’t be careless in creating a room with marble accents. It takes planning and carefulness in mixing, creating and matching both colors, patterns and marble motifs. However, a room with the right marble accents really does look luxurious even over a long period of time.

First, you can decorate the living room using marble to make it look more beautiful. This living room will be the first thing people see so it is important to make an impression. Choose your favorite marble walls, floors and furniture as part of the interior. Apart from the living room, several other rooms such as the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom also feel more comfortable with this material.

Another idea, consider marble as furniture in your home. In general, this material is used as countertops and kitchen islands, sinks or kitchen backsplashes. Marble applied as furniture has advantages in terms of strength, durability, and service life.












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