10 Creative Succulent Containers With Low Budget

Succulent plant is one of the easiest in terms of treatment. Having a mini and unique shape, it is appropriate that succulents have a container that is no less interesting. Almost like cacti, succulent plants also do not require much water and are able to grow in any climate. This is what makes succulent as favorite plants to beautify your interior décor.

Due to their small size, succulents do not require large pots and complicated containers. Turn your old items into eye-catching succulent containers. And if you can’t find them lying around, you can still easily find them at flea markets or antique stores such as rotary phones, broken typewriters, old books, to used children’s toys. Most of these projects are DIY ideas, in fact most of these items have memories for their owners.

1. This rotary phone has an eye-catching pink color. You can try placing the succulent in the exact center area of the number to rotate the phone. It looks classic as well as adorable as a table decoration.


2. For those of you who want to masculine, try to use the box as a container succulent ammunition. Besides looking sturdy, the green ammunition box looks just right for plants.


3. Vintage radio has its own memories of the time. Use this container for succulents if you like elegant vintage shades.


4. You must have a collection of old tea cup at home, and the cups can also be used as a container succulent. To make it look optimal, plant one type of succulent in one cup and mix it with another cup.


5. This is my favorite. A broken typewriter can be transformed into a succulent container with a variety of interesting variations.


6. Want to take succulents outdoors? If you have a cart made of metal, you can use it for an outdoor succulent garden.


7. Instead of throwing them away or piling them in a warehouse, old books have a classic and attractive look for succulent containers. Make a hole in the middle where you can book a succulent plant there.


8. Thermos is a kitchen utensil that breaks down very quickly. So don’t be surprised if you find this old stuff around the house a lot. Rather than let it go, why not collect them and turn them into a trendy succulent container.


9. Take advantage of the former kids toys mainly made of wood for container succulent. Like this truck kid’s toy which looks like it’s transporting lots of succulents.


10. A cupboard with lots of drawers is a great choice for succulent containers. Its vintage design with plenty of space allows you to grow different types of succulents in one container.


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